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Xuchang Jing Sen Electric Co., Ltd., founded in 2009, is located in Xuchang city, the capital of Wei State of the Three-Kingdoms Period with a long history and outstanding people. The company has a registered capital of 30 million yuan, covers an area of 30000 square meters, construction area of 20000 square meters. There are more than 100 employees in the company, including a variety of professional staff of 50 people and 5 senior engineers. The company is committed to building energy-saving, emission reduction and low-carbon environment-friendly society. The business covers the whole new energy PV industry, including photovoltaic market development, EPC construction, energy storage projects, power plant operation and maintenance, etc. The company has three qualification of power construction EPC, Which is a high-tech enterprise based on scientific and technological innovation, environmental protection and low carbon economy. Xuchang Jing Sen Electric Co., Ltd. will always implement the core values-integrity, enhancement and win-win, continue to shape the corporate culture-frank, innovative, play, passion, and continue to deepen understanding, cooperate sincerely and seek common development with our customers. !


As a PV power plant overall solution provider, Jingsen Electric business areas cover power station development and technical consulting, power plant EPC general construction, network access programs and services, photovoltaic energy storage project construction, specialized photovoltaic power plant operation and maintenance business. The company is committed to provide one-stop service for you.

power station development and technical consulting

power plant EPC general construction

Grid access programs and services

photovoltaic energy storage project construction

specialized plant operation and maintenance business

Any Other new energy solutions


Xuchang Electric Co., Ltd. insists on the basic principle of faith, fair, play, win-win, develops strategic cooperation with many well-known enterprises and research institutes and universities.!

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Sinohydro Group Ltd.



BeiKong Group Limited



Henan HuaMu Tongtu



Zhejiang University

Energy storage research



supply chain cooperation


Daqo Group

supply chain cooperation

Qualification & Honor

The company has three levels of qualified power construction. In addition, after years of unremitting efforts of all staff, the company has won the "Valuing Contracts, Keeping Words Enterprise”, "AAA Grade Credit Enterprise", "Excellent Private Enterprises in Henan province" and other honorary titles.


Typical Cases

The company has developed a distributed photovoltaic market over 500MW, built more than 300MW photovoltaic power plants, has achieved good performance in Henan, Anhui, Shandong, Hebei, Xinjiang, Qinghai, Nei Monggol etc.


  • Henan XJ Schindler Rooftop 9MW Distributed Photovoltaic Power Generation
  • Luoning Apache 6MW Distributed Photovoltaic Project
  • Xuchang Jun Yang Force 20MWp National Gold Sun Project
  • BAIC BJEV Lacey Branch 9MW Distributed Photovoltaic Power Generation Project


  • Xinjiang Hotan 20MW Ground Photovoltaic Power Station
  • Hunan Zhuzhou 20MW Gold Solar Photovoltaic Power Generation Project
  • SINAGRI YINGTAI 15MWp National Gold Solar Photovoltaic Power Generation
  • SINAGRI YINGTAI 15MWp National Gold Solar Photovoltaic Power Generation


  • Nei Monggol 120kw Household Photovoltaic Power Generation Project
  • Zhoukou Xihua PV Poverty Alleviation Project


  • Xinjiang border port 150kw off-grid Photovoltaic Power Generation
  • Island Scenery 2.8MW off-grid Photovoltaic Power Generation Project


  • Address: No.1, Hengfeng Road, Private Technology Park, Weidu district, Xuchang City,Henan Province.
  • Zip Code: 461000
  • Fax: 86-374-3215777
  • Tel: 86-374-8566610
  • E-mail: [email protected]
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